The neighborhood of Hunts Crossing is situated on the southeast side of the city of Kingsport, in the community of Colonial Heights. These rolling hills and creeks have been part of the Hunt family homestead for over a century. From tobacco and livestock to a 19th century general store, this land has a rich history that has gently embraced the changes of the last hundred years.

It is here we are building a new community, whose look and soul are woven with the qualities and traditions that are uniquely American. Our experience draws from the times when neighborhoods really meant neighbors, when porches were used for sitting, and a stroll down a sidewalk would lead to a neighborhood shop.

The nearly eighty acres of land is the setting for a Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND), the first in East Tennessee. Hunts Crossing is the result of the developer and planners seeking a better way to build homes and communities by integrating the lessons of the past. Our architecture is distinguished by the placement of garages and porches, winding streets, rear access lanes,sidewalks and trails. Local businesses and meeting points are located within walking distance of the homes.

The last several decades have brought subdivisions with little character, strip shopping malls and traffic. The elements that defined the American community were lost. At Hunts Crossing, we are creating a sense of community where people can sit on their front porch, talk with neighbors and walk to neighborhood stores. You can go home again.

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